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how to use victoza pen

Before you use the pen for the first time, your doctor or Diabetes Nurse Educator will show you how to use it. The best places to give yourself the injection are the front of your thighs, the front ... More

how to get 3 year old to stay in bed

1/10/2013 · Hi, Our 3 year old son will not stay in his bed at night. He goes to bed without any issue, goes off to sleep after his story but then when he wakes during the night he … ... More

how to start a small apparel business australia

Hello, I am an upcoming designer, hoping to start a women clothing line and label aimed at females between the ages of 18- 35 and on a small scale budget and production, and would like to know if your company could be of help in the production and how much will the production cost. ... More

how to use subjective probability

The probability of success in this situation cannot be determined by objective definitions of probability. The assessment of this probability is made by an expert. This approach can be applied in real world situations. This probability is subjective in nature. Different people may have different probabilities for the same situation at the same time. ... More

how to stop auto renewal lycamobile

To stop auto renewal, dial * 229 * 0# or send STOP to 229. You should be seeing a message saying your data auto renewal has been successfully deactivated Happy surfing ! ... More

how to use edible glitter with airbrush

3/08/2013 · Hi ladies, I used the edible glitter last night for the first time. It gives a really neat effect. I'm wondering if you have any tips on using it. ... More

how to teach clockwise and anticlockwise

Teach year 1 children clockwise and anticlockwise rotation using this informative poster. ... More

how to watch macbook pro on tv

HDTV to Apple TV, and make sure the Apple TV is on the same Wi-Fi network as your MacBook Pro to mirror the MacBook Pro screen on your TV screen or use the HDTV as a second display. You can also play web videos directly on your HDTV without showing what’s on your desktop—handy when you want to play a movie but keep your work private. ... More

how to study a passage of scripture

Referencing the footnotes is an excellent way to further your understanding of gospel principles and to study the LDS Scriptures. While reading a passage pay attention to words or phrases that "jump out at you" meaning you find them interesting, curious, or are unsure of what they mean. ... More

how to use carpet sweeper

Carpet Sweepers & Floor Sweepers Ever since Anna and Melville Bissell patented the original hard floor sweeper in 1876, it’s been the standard for easy cleanup. Whether power or manual, our sweepers work on a variety of surfaces, so they’re ideal for everyday use. ... More

how to use wave accounting

At its essence, the Wave Accounting tool is a top-notch accounting digital assistant for non-accountants. The platform is very easy to use, and you can quickly link up … ... More

how to use my icloud email on android

I've been using K-9 email program on my Android for years, mainly because I prefer POP. It handles iCloud very well, even allowing you to NOT sync deletions to the server so you can still download them to your Mini when you get it back. ... More

how to send flowers through the mail

Chicken Soup Gifts. Grandma's Chicken Soup is the most delicious alternative to sending flowers. There are gifts for every occasion . . . get well, new baby, sympathy, birthday or to just send a hug in the mail! ... More

how to use a bidet female video

by: tianwangsale [1 videos »] 8,704 Some people using it as vaginal spa and other's use it to relief anus itchiness and enema.some use it as rescues tool to flush away semen with condom slip off during intercourse. ... More

how to understand spoken english

Illiterate is used to describe someone who cannot read. I am looking for a word to describe someone who cannot understand a spoken language. David was [unable to understand French] {People are speaking french around him} ... More

how to set line spacing

When coding html pages for a website, the line spacing of the text content is probably one of attributes that is usually left as default. Most of the time, you do not even think about it … ... More

how to set up an alert

Why set up alerts? Want some extra peace of mind as you use your credit card? Using this unique tool, we’ll notify you by text or email as soon as we notice a change in your account activity. ... More

how to teach kids to hold pencil

Poor Little Pencil: A Happy How-to-Hold the Pencil Book (Rhyming Picture book, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, Pencil grips, Teaching Pencil Grip, Ages 3-6, Handwriting, OT 1) Oct 11, 2015 by Christine Calabrese and Kenneth Jackson ... More

how to thank for job interview

17/12/2015 · Learn the essentials of writing a job interview thank you note that will give you the competitive edge. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below! ... More

how to use drill bit extension

Thanks. That bit extended seems to be a longer one than the one I wound up using, but does it lock the centrotec drill bit into the end? The problem yesterday was the magnetic end would release the drill bit, and I'd wind up with the CXS and bit extender in one hand, and the drill bit still stuck in the workpiece. ... More

how to start life over after divorce

I have 3kids, all 16 and over, and I feel like I was living the cliche of life begins at 40, it actually feels like that for me. I found it hard for a year, being single, huge adjustment. But I rather see this as a gift from God, my children are older and in work or college, no man to answer to, good health and fitness, a new start. I’m grateful. ... More

how to write faith in korean

This is the first part of fourteen worksheets that will help you practice writing the different Korean characters. The first character we are going to look at is “?” which sounds similar to an English “G“. ... More

how to sell art photography

14 Commandments for Fine Art Photography Marketing (with photos) In 2011 I published a book titled Marketing Fine Art Photography in which I detail how to market your fine art photography successfully and profitably. I wrote this book to save you from having to go through the tribulations I went through early in my career. The goal was to save you from having to attend the school of hard ... More

how to have better mana use in terraria

31/12/2018 · Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. ... More

how to say when waitress serve dishes to the customer

Everybody knows that a waiter/waitress is an important member of the restaurant staff. But mostly, people think that the job of the waitress is very easy since all they need to do is take and serve … ... More

how to set up soniq tv

Hi , I have a soniq TV and it is only picking up the Abc and Sbs Chanel's. I can not get 7 or 70 or the other Analog or digital programs Thank you … read more ... More

how to make a laser show

5/04/2011 · * I highlighted the word new as I do not do exports of not intended for quickshow shows, as you are likely aware that this is a violation of the terms I agreed with, If I make a show myself I do have the rights to do so, but will not in all cases. ... More

how to get lvl 100 at start of game pokemon

It is OK to attack the Pokémon or catch the Pokémon that are over level 100. Mew Glitch. This is how you get Mew in Pokémon Red/Blue and in Yellow Restart your game and play until you get HM02 Fly from the house west of Celadon City. You can get a Mew sooner if you use teleport from the nearby Abra, the easiest way is to start leveling a Jigglypuff so its sing is faster then the Abra's ... More

how to use icloud on iphone 5c

27/01/2014 · I just purchased my first IPhone 5C. I have a work email domain that I need pushed as soon as the email hits my server. I was told that I needed to set up an Icloud account and have my account CC or Forwarded to my email account which I have completed. ... More

how to recover search history in facebook

Step 5: Select the items you want to recover on the list and choose whether you want to “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to Device”. Download Win Download Mac Restoring your deleted messages to your iPhone from copy of Facebook data ... More

how to teach verbs to esl students

The most common verbs we use to report what someone says are "say" and "tell". These are the verbs which students learn first when they learn reported speech. ... More

how to start a carinderia business in the philippines

It takes money to make money. Thus, if you want to start a carinderia, you need to have startup money that will cover store improvements, equipment, initial inventory and working capital. ... More

how to use function on phone drag in javascript

Depending on the version of Android you are running and the manufacturer of your phone, it may be called "Browser" or "Internet". Tap the icon to open it. Tap the icon to open it. If you can't find the icon on your Home screen, check the App Drawer. ... More

how to use font book on mac

Apple's Macintosh computer supports a wide variety of fonts. This support was one of the features that initially distinguished it from other systems. ... More

how to work out on

You know movement matters. Sitting all day ups your risk of obesity; and people wear Fitbits for a reason: The more you move, the healthier you are. ... More

how to use gatsby moist treatment hair cream

Gatsby Hair Treatment Hair Cream Normal helps to restore dry, frizzy and damaged hair. It contains pearl protein that moisturizes hair, brings out natural shine and keeps it healthy. It also spreads well in the hair and keeps the hair soft and smooth, for easy styling.How to use:Apply an appropriate amount onto hair and style. Contents:Water (Aqua), Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Pvp, Polysorbate 60 ... More

how to set time on rolex day date

Also, if your Rolex has a date or day and date feature, it is a good idea to set the hour and minute hand to five or six o’clock before you change the date. The date change mechanism on many Rolex watches is engaged between 9 pm and 1 am, and changing the date manually during that time … ... More

how to use parallels 12 on mac

Parallels Desktop 12 can also be used to run Windows, and works seamlessly with the latest Windows 10. Always ready If you spend an equal amount of time in Windows and macOS, Parallels Desktop 12 ... More

how to write a positive feedback letter

Thank you for the positive comments and feedback regarding my Marantz SA-11s2 article. Yes, the fuses do make a big difference, or at least they did in my Marantz SA-11s2 as used in my system. Yes, the fuses do make a big difference, or at least they did in my Marantz SA-11s2 as used in my system. ... More

how to start a record label

He says: "Running your own record label is a lifestyle job and you have to be prepared to make personal sacrifices in order to commit the required time to it. However, the upside of doing ... More

how to stop cold calls from india

24/02/2014 · Me: "Yes, stop the unwanted and time wasting cold calls. I'm in the IT industry over 20 years and I know what I want and will contact the right supplier when I need it" I'm in the IT industry over 20 years and I know what I want and will contact the right supplier when I need it" ... More

how to use ball glass freezer jars

Perfect to use with any of our glass jars for a complete reorganisation of your dry storage goods! Reorganise your pantry with these clear, self-adhesive labels. There are a … ... More

how to use solar north in sketchup

Solar North is an extension that provides tools to set the orientation for shadows and angle of sunlight. Extensions like Curviloft generate parameterized volumes when selecting a series of curves. 4. ... More

how to set up a target for archery

A permanent practice range can make your targets last longer and improve your shooting- build plan. Outdoor shooting is illegal in my city, but I could put something like this in my garage for practice. ... More

how to set a group text on iphone 5

Tap on the edit box next to it to give the group chat a name so that you can easily get the context. If you had already give it a name, then tap on the x button and type a new name to change it. If you had already give it a name, then tap on the x button and type a new name to change it. ... More

how to search for wireless brother printer

The IP address may be different to the one shown above – the one on your label is the IP address of the printer. If it reads , it means that the printer is not connected to the network – please follow the Connect the Brother Printer to a Wireless Network guide , or the Connecting the Brother Printer to a Cellular iPad’s Personal Hotspot guide to resolve the issue. ... More

how to write a summary repor

How To Create a Patient Medical Summary Report Having a medical summary report available when caring for a person with health issues helps everyone in the care circle provide proper medical care. Often times such as with Alzheimer’s disease, the patient is unable to accurately communicate their past and present medical situation so it essential to have a mechanism in place that does this for ... More

how to teach a playgroup

Whether you are doing homeschool preschool this year, or teaching preschoolers you may be interested in learning how to make preschool lesson plans. I keep the preschool years simple and fun. I don’t have big educational goals for my preschoolers. There is plenty of time for formal lessons in later years. ... More

how to wear a fur gilet

I've got that gilet and it's lovely. You can wear it over t'shirts and jumpers - would look a bit odd over a coat though IMO. I mostly wear it around the house so that I'm kept as warm as possible (underactive thyroid), without having to put the heat up too much, but I can still move my arms, which you can't if you multi-layer other types of ... More

pokemon firered vs seeker how to use

firered or leafgreen - last post by @ Dec 22, 2006 FireRed vs LeafGreen? - last post @ Jan 8, 2017 Classic Pokemon soundtracks from FireRed and LeafGreen land on iTunes, more on the way - last post by @ Dec 11, 2013 ... More

how to watch vikings season 1

S 5 : Ep 9 - 1/17/18 The army leaders consider their options in the aftermath of the battle. Meanwhile, in Floki's camp, all hopes of binding the community together are dashed as tragedy unfolds. ... More

how to see if your phone is tapped

2ndnumber - 10107-321-770-988-9664 - this is an int'l number, but what you want to hear, is a ladies voice. she will say your phone number. after that she will say a series of zeros, followed by a 1, a2, or a 3. If you hear 1, you have never been tapped, and you good to go. If you hear a 2, you have been tapped in the past, but your not being listened to now. If you hear a 3, you arebeing ... More

how to use kordon breather bags

Kordon 5.5 x 8 Breather Bags These are excellent for auctions as well as shipping fish. With no side seams and extra seal at the base, these bags are made to ship your prize fish. With no side seams and extra seal at the base, these bags are made to ship your prize fish. ... More

how to stop my hair getting greasy everyday

I've never been a wash-your-hair-everyday kind of girl. A routine of washing every other day always sufficed for my medium-weight, wavy locks. ... More

how to turn headphone jack into line in

How to convert a headphone out 1/4" jack to line out quality I have a headphones out 1/4" jack on my CRATE GLX15 Guiter Amp. I like the sound and DSP in the amp and would like to use it as a monitor while patching into a board. ... More

python how to write usage

Manipulating files is an essential aspect of scripting in Python, and luckily for us, the process isn’t complicated. The built-in open function is the preferred method for reading files of any type, and probably all you'll ever need to use. ... More

how to work out your exam score

A scaled score is a conversion of the raw score on an exam to a common scale. It is important to note that the exam score is not based on an arithmetic or percent average. For example, the scaled score of 800 represents a perfect score with all 150 questions answered correctly; a scaled score of 200 is the lowest score possible and signifies that only a small number of questions were answered ... More

how to tell if usb c or thunderbolt 3

In brief, Thunderbolt 3 brings Thunderbolt to USB-C. Here are the superset of features that Thunderbolt 3 provides: Here are the superset of features that Thunderbolt 3 provides: At 40 Gbps, Thunderbolt 3 is the fastest connection available. ... More

how to use overlap reports in adobe audience manager

Crystal Reports 13 The Insert tab allows you to insert objects into you report, such as inserting a text, line, box, groups, sections, pictures, calculations and/or charts, as shown in the following image. ... More

how to use swf google chrome

Learn how businesses use Google Cloud Analyst reports See how Google Cloud ranks close Data centers and network Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google. Learn more. Cancel accept and download. Thank you. You’re almost done. We have sent a confirmation email. Check your inbox now to activate your email for Google Cloud. Thank ... More

how to tell applescript to open an application

5/02/2010 · is a valid Applescript statement. You can get a 'path to' various default folders using that command and the correct form of the special folder name. You can get a 'path to' various default folders using that command and the correct form of the special folder name. ... More

how to win claw machine singapore

We all know that claw machines are incredibly hard to maneuver and even harder to win something from. But it didn’t seem like an impossible feat for the man in the video posted by Facebook user ... More

how to stop eczema itching

Chronic itchy skin is a universal symptom of most types of eczema. Itch from eczema is different than itch from a bug bite or poison ivy. Because of this, common medications used for itch, such as antihistamines, do not work well on the itch associated with eczema. For many people, chronic itch from eczema goes way beyond just the physical. People with chronically itchy skin are more likely to ... More

win10 how to get alpha listing in start up back

Microsoft includes a number of pre-installed Universal (Metro) apps in Windows 10. One such app is Xbox. It allows you to track your Xbox social activity and achievements, record game clips, and stream games from Xbox One to PC. ... More

how to teach sequence of events to fourth graders

Fourth grade is such a delightful time. Most kids are getting to be pretty fluent readers and can now manage a much wider array of books. There are tons of fantastic titles available to these more advanced readers, whether they’re looking for humor, fantasy, or realistic school stories. ... More

how to stop time wasters on gumtree

Time Wasters Lyrics: You think, you control my mind / Don't wanna get left behind / I'm dealing with fear inside / Watch me succeed this time / We gotta find a place to hide / Don't make me say ... More

how to use uv pen to know counterfeit bills

Identifying Counterfeit US Currency The are numerous methods used for identifying counterfeit US currency bills, including the use of black light. Note that this … ... More

how to stop firefox from preventing reloading

19/08/2018 · The following guide looks at options in the popular web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. The methods may work in "related" browsers as well. Pale Moon or Waterfox support the same options that Firefox supports, and Vivaldi or Opera the same methods that work in Google Chrome. ... More

how to sell more on linkedin

Before I reveal what it is, stop for a minute and think about the TV commercials for new cars that are aimed at men. What is that type of TV commercial typically like? ... More

how to set clock on carrier remote

14/06/2011 · My remote control isn't working anymore, I couldn't find the buttons for the clock on the vcr machine. ... More

how to stop windows live mail from automatically opening

The first step in moving your mail store is to start Windows Live Mail. Once the program has started click on the on the program's menu, which is found in the upper left hand corner of the program ... More

how to set android home screen

This tutorial talks about how to set different wallpapers for each home screen in Android. In the following tutorial I have listed few Android apps to do the same. ... More

how to write a statutory declaration example usa

Letter - Statutory Declaration. A statutory declaration is a written statement declared to be true in the presence of an authorised witness. A person wishing to use a statutory declaration in connection with a law of the Commonwealth, the Australian Capital Territory or certain other Territories must make the declaration in accordance with the ... More

how to use parliamentary procedure

Ever wonder how people keep a meeting from turning into chaos and frustration with everyone talking at once? In this lesson, discover the way to lead a respectful and considerate meeting using ... More

how to understand english songs

Why English teachers should be using ESL songs in class and how to go about it successfully Many teachers already know the joy of bringing ESL songs into the classroom. This article looks at why songs benefit pupils, and also HOW to use songs in a fun and productive way. Read on for insight and prepare to be motivated to use music with your ESL ... More

how to send email in php using smtp localhost

To using Gmail SMTP server, you should need to change account access for less secure apps. Don’t worry! Just follow the below steps. Login to your google account. ... More

how to help someone who doesnt want it

When someone you love is terrible at managing money, you may want to help, but how? The subject of money is fraught with emotion, and if you've made your share of money mistakes you may wonder if it's your place to offer budget help, particularly if they don't seem to want it. ... More

how to use hemming web

As with using a search engine on the open web, try entering a few key words in the online auction’s search window that describe the tool (e.g. “Craftsman,” “box wrench”), and see what comes back. You might need to try a couple of different terms, or use fewer if you don’t get the results you want. ... More

how to set date in iphone

Today’s iOS 11 springboard crashes caused by the December 2 date bug made some our readers realize that they don’t know how to manually set the date and time on an iPhone and iPad. ... More

how to remove crown from invicta watch

INVICTA Watch Repair Glass Crystal replace battery reserve specialty remove movement crown case Watch Hands Installation TUTORIAL - How To Attach Watch Hands To A Movement How to remove the back of a watch - Watch and Learn #22 ... More

how to wear leather culottes

Leather culottes are yet another latest fashion work wear which can be a perfect wear for parties and also to work. With fashion and trend being updated, women also try to adapt and update themselves with the latest trend and fashion. ... More

bizagi how to run work portal

Bizagi Studio is a robust piece of software that enables you to convert any running process into a web application, in a visual manner with no coding required. You can drag and drop attributes in the app’s workspace which can be created... full software details ... More

how to turn off auto bluetooth ios 11

Here's How to Fully Turn Off Your Bluetooth and WiFi in iOS 11. Love It. Favorite It Now. New Year's Resolutions 5 Earth-Friendly Resolutions You Can Actually — Easily — Keep in 2019 Holiday I ... More

wow how to write in an item

Assist an average of 40 customers per day in finding or selecting items, and provided recommendations that generated $8K in additional revenue Resume Genius’ Resume Builder Writing an achievement oriented resume is easy with our powerful and simple to use Resume Genius’ resume building software . ... More

thesis topic sentences academic writing how to teach university

Writing the Introduction As with any academic essay, the introduction needs to explain the topic of the paper and provide a thesis statement. In between the introducing the topic and the thesis statement , you need to add transitional information so that the information in the introduction moves from general to … ... More

how to untangle the thnings i want to do

In the 6-week group program: 5 Steps to Untangle Your Parenting, you will learn the steps you need to know to untangle the mess: WEEK 1 – A Strong and Confident You First, we focus on YOU – because a strong and confident YOU, creates a strong and confident foundation for the whole family. ... More

how to allow discord to use micro phone

When enabled, it will allow users to disable microphone permissions for individual apps. Having a camera and microphone allows using them with Skype and other VoIP applications. For some reason, the required option is set to disabled by default for apps like Skype for some users. ... More

how to stop get emailson my galaxy phone

6/07/2012 · If you want to know how to set up an email account on your Samsung Galaxy S III, Phones 4u has the answer. We've put together the perfect tutorial to make receiving your emails and syncing your ... More

how to turn off voicemail in vodafone

Save voicemail number - Nokia Lumia 930. Read help info. You can save your voicemail number making it easy to call and listen to your voice messages. Step 1 … ... More

how to url youtube start and stop

Because of how we parse the url of the youtube video, start and end times were getting stripped. However, passing them to the as playerVars wasn't working for some reason. So, instead, use startSeconds and endSeconds in load and cue video by id methods. ... More

how to stop a dog jumping up at strangers

29/06/2009 · There are a few real keys to dog training, whether you are trying to train your dog to come when called, sit, stop barking or any other behavior. ... More

how to turn lights ooff keyboard ttesports

28/08/2013 · That is the thing, while this new keyboard takes things back to the basics of what a mechanical keyboard is all about, Thermaltake and the Tt eSPORTS crew have done a … ... More

how to work this out half plus quarters

1 half is equivalent to 1/2. While 2 thirds is equivalent to 2/3. In mathematics while solving fraction problems we denote multiply as “of”. So any fraction “of” another fraction means 1st fraction multiplied by … ... More

how to use lisle cylinder hone

Flex-Hone finish can also be varied by using different weights of lubricant during honing. For instance grease smeared in a cylinder bore before Flex-Honing will produce a finer cut than oil. Other grit sizes generally available in Flex-Hones are 120 grit (coarse), 320 grit (fine) and 400 grit (extra fine). ... More

sleep paralysis how to stop it

Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder that occurs during falling asleep and waking up due to an overlap between wakefulness and sleep. You are conscious in this state but can't move, speak, or … ... More

how to tell your parents that your gay

Understanding gay parents is a big enough topic of discussion, and your kid probably won’t be prompted to wonder about their own sexuality at this point. You don’t need to say, “You might ... More

how to write a milestone report

40+ Project Status Report Templates [Word, Excel, PPT] The Status of the Milestones. A milestone is a relevant event or work product within a project which has been accomplished. It’s important to include these in your report, when applicable. This is one of the more positive contents of a report, which will be gladly received by anyone who reads it. When adding in the milestones, be ... More

how to tell a fake mimco pouch

Shop with free shipping. Discover the latest collection of Women's Wallets & Small Accessories. Made in Italy. ... More

how to fold a sport coat for travel

Home » Possibly the Best Travel Jacket Ever November 22, 2016 By Bob Bales 4 Comments You don’t have to be a travel writer to appreciate a good travel jacket . ... More

how to use mastercard debit card bankwest

Is your 'bankwest matstercard' a CREDIT card or a DEBIT card. Credit cards generally have a 3% loading for every cash withdrawal from ATM. Your best bet is likely to be credit card for purchases (mastercard is fine for that) and debit card for ATM withdrawals. ... More

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how to turn your laptop into a desktop computer

This software will let you turn your old computer into one running Chromium. Neverware For as long as I can remember, the go-to option for resurrecting an old PC was to install Linux.

how to use entity framework in asp net c#

30/10/2017 · Hi Lars, >> Is Entity Framework 6 usable in .NET Standard 2.0? It is sad that EF 6 could not be used in .NET Standard 2.0 till now. You may consider targeting your project to .NET Framework or replacing EF 6 by EF Core.

how to allow discord to use micro phone

3/05/2016 · Discord Verified account @discordapp. It's time to ditch Skype and Teamspeak. Discord is the only free and secure voice, video, and text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

how to stop frizzy hair after shower guys

28/05/2013 · Best Answer: What a lot of curly hair people out there do wrong with their is, "brushing their hair". If you have curly hair, don't brush it because it will spread your curls and make your hair frizzy.

how to use canesten tablet with applicator

Canesten thrush cream is safe if you’re pregnant, but oral thrush pills are not. Pessaries are also safe but you need to, ahem, insert them carefully. Pessaries are …

how to stop tv from rejecting dvd

29/09/2008 · Go buy an antenna and viola! You now have an HD source. Hook it up to the TV when it arrives and do a channel scan. Check with or to see what digital stations you should be able to get with what type of antenna at your location.

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Northern Ireland: Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 8H1

Scotland: Kirkcaldy SCO, Glasgow SCO, Hamilton SCO, Paisley SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 4B6

Wales: Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Neath WAL, Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 1D6